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Scientific Framework for Pancreatic Cancer

In February of this year the U.S. National Cancer Institute published an important overview of the state of the science and medicine of pancreatic cancer.  We will comment on aspects of it from time to time in the future, but as it so comprehensive and precise, in a departure from our usual practice, we will […]

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CT Measurements Predict Need for Venous Resection in Cancer of the Pancreas

The evaluation and diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is now largely initially accomplished through radiographic means, including CT scanning. This has produced changes in related areas such as the staging of pancreatic cancer, and the evaluation for potential resection.  Depending on tumor extension, as a part of the Whipple, the surgeon may need to surgically resect […]

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Adding Grade Status to Staging Improves Prognostic Capability in Cancer of the Pancreas

The pancreatic cancer surgical (and oncology) team at UCLA developed a new experimental staging method such that the tumor’s grade was added to the standard (TNM) AJCC staging criteria, whereby a high-grade tumor increased the pancreatic cancer stage to the next higher level than would have been otherwise indicated. Published in the December issue of […]

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