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Pancreatic cancer is a serious disease. Taking an aggressive rational stance against pancreas cancer, at the earliest possible time, supported by the best medical team, and treated in the most appropriate manner gives the best chance for pancreatic cancer survival. We believe in strong patient-physician bonds, scientifically-based pancreatic cancer treatment, and that comfort can come from knowing that everything that reasonably can be done – is being done. That the best approach is meeting cancer of the pancreas head-on and armed with the best available information.

Recently, a seasoned specialist told us that we had the highest social good to donation ratio that they had ever seen in any non-profit. We put all donations to serious use toward the mission of fighting pancreatic cancer. Less than 8% of donated funds are used for management expenses.

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Donations go directly to promoting awareness, increasing education, furthering pancreatic cancer research aimed at early diagnosis and, helping patients and families impacted by the effects of pancreatic cancer. All Donations are tax-deductible. 

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November 29, 2022
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All donations are tax-deductible! You have just contributed to promoting awareness, increasing education, furthering pancreatic cancer research aimed at early diagnosis!

Most of our fundraisers, supporters, and volunteers, have been in one way or another, personally effected by this disease. We want to acknowledge what hardships you may have gone through (or are currently facing) and sincerely thank you for visiting our site!

Pancreatic Cancer Alliance (an initiative of Cancer Patients Alliance) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Pancreatic cancer is the least funded cancer in terms of research. Despite causing enormous mortality, pancreatic cancer receives (on a mortality basis) much less funding for research than most of the other major cancers. Currently, there is no molecular marker or genetic screening tool to aid in the earlier diagnosis or screening of pancreatic cancer. Treatment results would improve significantly if this cancer could be diagnosed at an earlier stage.

There remains a dire need for more research and an increase in focused funding for pancreatic cancer. Your Donation will go directly to promoting awareness, increasing education, and furthering pancreatic cancer research aimed at early diagnosis.
All Donations are tax-deductible

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers and the Least funded. Fewer than 10% of people with this type of disease remain alive five years later. There are many reasons why the outcome for pancreatic cancer patients is bleaker than for most other cancer types, because symptoms often don’t appear until the disease has already metastasized. For unknown reasons, pancreatic cancer is on the rise and predicted to become the second-leading cause of cancer-related death in the U.S. by 2030. There are no reliable methods to detect the disease early, and there are very few effective treatment options. There is still Hope! If the tumor is contained in the pancreas, the five-year survival rate increases to nearly 40%. Which is why we are so focused on supporting research for early diagnosis.

Together with You our Mission is to promote awareness, increase education, and further pancreatic cancer research aimed at early diagnosis.


You can honor your loved one by sharing your story with us. Whether it’s your personal story, honoring a friend or relative’s journey, or why you support the cause, we want to hear from you!
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