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What we provide:


WHAT WE PROVIDE TODAY is the world’s unique consumer health resource for pancreatic cancer. There is no other resource like it for pancreatic cancer online or in published medical textbooks. It is a massive and time-intensive undertaking that operates entirely from your tax-free donations and contributions.

It is designed for patients and families in concert with their medical team to help optimize treatment strategies for the presentation of THEIR specific pancreatic cancer – to become active partners with their medical providers – the aim being to live longer and live better. is written at a “Scientific American” level – and is constantly maintained and upgraded. This is a truly massive resource that integrates a big knowledgebase together with ongoing published medical literature results.

Because conventional treatment options for pancreatic cancer are less effective than wished, if one is earnest about finding information on pancreatic cancer and its treatment they will usually find their way to

Anecdotally, among the dozens of pancreatic cancer patients that we work with – it appears that those who avail themselves of our resource (or perhaps more precisely, because of their proactive approaches to getting information on current best possible treatments) – they seem to live longer. This may represent selection bias (and not be exactly real), but like many things in life it is intuitive that if one is active in trying to seek solutions to a problem – one often does better, sometimes much better.

We do not believe in offering false hope, but we emphatically subscribe to the hope born of aggressive, thoughtful and creative efforts based on current, credible medical understating.



At the present time, to speak of a reliable cure for pancreatic cancer is premature. A key angle-of-attack is to foster a marker to help diagnose the disease earlier – like the PSA that exists for prostate cancer. This is a primary aim. Apart from our information resource which is of critical importance, our fundraising efforts will go to carefully selected promising researchers aimed at establishing a reliable diagnostic marker for pancreatic cancer. We already have a general sense of productive labs as our regular review of the world medical literature in pancreatic cancer keeps us absolutely current as to who is doing what.

If pancreatic cancer is found even one year earlier in an individual patient, evidence exists that rather than only 15% of those who are eligible for potentially curative surgery at diagnosis now – this figure may increase dramatically. The whole landscape would change were it found earlier. Pancreatic cancer would become more like other cancers – and THEN we could more comfortably begin to speak of a cure.

Recently, a seasoned specialist told us that we had the highest social good to donated dollar ratio that they had ever seen in any non-profit. We are serious laborers in the vineyard – and use the funds that we receive and will deploy your donation with the greatest of care. We will put all such funds to serious use toward the mission of fighting pancreatic cancer in the most intelligent fashion that we can.

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