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Elements of Protein Breakdown Found in Serum Long Before Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

In two separate studies, Boston researchers (primarily) have discovered and begun to characterize the intriguing and likely important finding that protein metabolites found in human serum are elevated typically years before the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer (adenocarcinoma) is established. The implications of this discovery have cast a new light on the early development of pancreatic […]

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Australian-led Methods Toward Relevant Sub-types of Pancreatic Cancer

Two interesting studies with different methods and results have been published this year by international teams as led by Australian researchers with the aim of trying to establish key sub-types of pancreatic cancer to aid in improved understanding, management and treatment of patients with adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. The more extensive study included 149 collaborators […]

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Tumor Scrubbing Bubbles

We all agree that pancreatic cancer patients need more effective treatments. Towards that goal, much research time, money and effort go into the new treatment pipeline where only a tiny fraction will emerge with approval for pancreatic cancer, up to a decade later. I’ve advocated that today’s patients need something sooner. We need to figure […]

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