About Us

Pancreatic cancer receives much less funding for research than most of the other major cancers.

Cancer Patients Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by a Medical Director and a five-member scientific board of highly regarded specialists in oncology from around the world.

The mission of the Foundation is to promote awareness, increase education, and further pancreatic cancer research. Specifically, the programs supported by the Foundation are aimed at:

  • Promoting education
  • Community awareness
  • Advocacy
  • Providing the most current medical research results for patients, physicians and researchers


About Pancreatica.org

Pancreatica.org is dedicated to confronting pancreatic cancer and creating optimal treatment strategies for pancreatic cancer patients and their loved ones. Pancreatica.org is a top-rated internet resource containing unique educational resources for patients, their caregivers, physicians and researchers, including a Medical Literature section that displays an impressive concentration of scientific articles. Our aim is to present impartial knowledge about pancreatic cancer where interested parties can sort through a large amount of information efficiently in order to provide a sense of the range of existing treatment options, to aid patient/doctor partnerships, and thus to help optimize personal treatment strategies.


Receiving a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is serious news. For some, conventional surgical and /or medical therapy is the best option. For many of those with more advanced disease, putting one’s affairs in order and seeking that medical attention which will help insure physical and emotional comfort, is the correct and most responsible decision. But for others who wish to fight, it is important to know that there are options. There have never been this many options. The odds, depending on the type and extent of the tumor, may not be great, but fighting these odds may increase survival and may even provide an increased sense of well-being. And some people find meaning in the fight itself.

We trust that Pancreatica.org can provide the kind of information that is necessary to begin the search for personalized optimal treatment strategies for pancreatic cancer.