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Alternative, Complementary and Holistic Treatment

Although we understand the possible benefits of some alternative, complementary, or holistic treatment, this website is not strongly oriented this way. On an anecdotal basis, we have heard of positive experiences that patients have had with the treatment of symptoms related to pancreatic cancer (ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreas) and chemotherapy involving such approaches as visualization techniques, meditation, prayer, acupuncture, massage, biofeedback, relaxation therapy, hypnotherapy acupuncture, green tea and Chinese herbs.

We are not averse to alternative, complementary, or holistic treatment modalities for pancreatic cancer in which the downside risks are minimal (or better yet, nonexistent) and which do not appear likely to interfere with other more conventional medical therapies. For example, we strongly believe that faith and hope are the two most powerful allies at one’s disposal.

The overriding concern of this website is the ancient admonition to physicians, “First do no harm.” This site is oriented to the scientific method and to scientifically-based treatment for pancreatic cancer. If you have to take risks, our thought is at least do it under medical and scientific guidance. Nonetheless, we know that there are a large number of people who will not subscribe to this approach. To those people, we would encourage thoughtful and cautious approaches to the more gentle of the alternative, complementary, and/or holistic treatments of pancreatic cancer.  And we would advise being careful.

With that warning, we note that there are sometimes clinic trials against pancreatic cancer involving unconventional alternative therapies. There are a number of researchers who are in support of these trials. Some perhaps because they think they will succeed. Others, who strongly feel that applying the scientific method to these kinds of treatments will expose their weaknesses.  The cutting edge of science and medicine is an odd place where today’s truth is replaced by new unexpected findings. Only time can tell us what the outcome of these studies will finally demonstrate.  We would advise being careful.

There are many sites on the Internet about alternative, complementary, or holistic treatment practices. In our attempt to suggest tempering faith and hope with rationality and care, we would advise being careful.

Some of the most common alternative, complementary and holistic drug agents and treatment modalities that have been studied for pancreatic cancer include genistein, curcumin, low dose naltrexone, and traditional Chinese herbs and therapies.  We have discussed such treatment and others in our Pancreatica Blog, and include titles and dates of articles found in the medical literature (both below).


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The following are descriptions of titles of abstracts of medical journal articles that may be interesting or useful to those who are interested in further information about this topic.These abstracts can be searched Here.

  • 1-Oct-16 – Cell study: curcumin suppresses cancer of the pancreas functioning 
  • 29-Sep-16 – Arctigenin for metastatic cancer of the pancreas that is refractory to Gemzar 
  • 5-Sep-16 – Herbal H3 shows pre-clinical promise 
  • 11-Jul-16 – liposomal encased synthetic curcumin for cancer of the pancreas 
  • 1-Jul-16 – Curcumin review: treatment of cancer of the pancreas 
  • 1-Jul-16 – Crystalline genistein plus Gemzar for cancer of the pancreas 
  • 1-Jul-15 – Possible advantage of traditional Chinese treatment for adenocarcinoma of the pancreas 
  • 1-Feb-14 – Chinese Herb plus Xeloda for Cancer of the Pancreas
  • 8-Jan-14 – Mistletoe Interaction with Chemotherapy?
  • 1-Dec-13 – Mistletoe for Cancer of the Pancreas
  • 1-Aug-13 – Alternative Nanotherapy of Adenocarcinoma of the Pancreas
  • 4-Jul-13 – Soy-related Agent and MicroRNA
  • 15-Jun-13- Qinghaosu for Pancreatic Cancer?
  • 1-Jul-11 – Gemzar and Curcumin for Pancreatic Cancer
  • 1-Jan-10 – Curcumin in Combination Theapy for Cancer of the Pancreas
  • 15-Aug-08 – Curcumin Plus Isoflavone for Pancreatic Cancer
  • 15-Jul-08 – Curcumin (Diferuloylmethane) for Patients With Pancreatic Cancer
  • 1-Sep-07 – Curcurmin Plus Gemcitabine for Pancreatic Cancer
  • 15-Feb-07 – Genistein Plus a Platinum Drug in Pancreatic Cancer
  • 1-Nov-06 – Tarveca Plus Genistein for Cancer of the Pancreas
  • 1-Mar-06 – Good Response to IV  Alpha-lipoic Acid and Low-dose Naltrexone Regimen in Patient with Advanced Pancreatic cancer
  • 1-Jan-04 – Chinese A5 Red Oil for Pancreatic Cancer
  • 1-Apr-03 – Natural Genistein Inhibiting Pancreatic Cancer In Vitro and In Vivo
  • 1-Jan-03 – China Alternative Therapy with SPES for Pancreatic Cancer



Long-term survival of a patient with advanced pancreatic cancer under adjunct treatment with Viscum album extracts: A case report
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