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African-American Patient Guide
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If you are eligible for surgery to remove the tumor in your pancreas, it is an important option to strongly consider. Surgery is one of the only options that can possibly cure cancer of the pancreas.

Genetic Screening

Genetic screening is important for people who have pancreatic cancer or have a family history of pancreatic cancer. If you have pancreatic cancer, genetic testing can also be done on your tumor to make a treatment plan that is specific to you.

Supportive (or palliative) Care

Cancer treatment is important, but it is also critically important for all parts of your health and comfort to be taken care of.




Written by: Jasmine Mitchell, University of California Santa Barbara

Edited by: Dale O’Brien, MD, Cancer Patients Alliance

Formatting and content by: Raewyn O’Haire, AB, Cancer Patients Alliance

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Pancreatic resection: a key component to reducing racial disparities in pancreatic adenocarcinoma
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